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Fight for Greg, Against Jana, and Kim, and Lindsay, and Charlie, and…


Sometimes standing up for what you believe in puts you in the line of the opposer’s fire, depending on how you go about taking your stance. If you are kind and quiet, people tend to disregard what you have to say. If you’re loud and in-your-face, you’ll most likely be labeled crazy, irrational. So we must find some place in the middle, to logically present our opinions in such a way that everyone will hear and respect our point of view. Am I right? Well, that would be awesome if it were possible. But the fact is, no matter what you believe in and how humorous your presentation, someone is going to believe the exact opposite and it’s completely out of your control how they react to you.

Yesterday, Jesse Mahan of Mahan Home and Commercial Services in Round Rock, Texas, along with Jake Brydon of Generations Church and Heritage Construction, posted the following, a complete falsehood regarding myself, my daughter, and my son-in-law, on a political Facebook page, all because I left Jana Duty a comment about her campaign signs being turned backwards in Cedar Park. I’m not sure why Jesse would take so personally the fact that I reported her signs being tampered with. No, really. I have no idea why. It’s not like he was the one who tampered with them.

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Six Flawed Reasons Christians are Defending Josh Duggar


Once again it seems I find myself spinning in a vortex of sorts. A whirlwind Christian onslaught of defense for yet another child predator. This time the abuser is a public figure, someone who has convinced a large majority of the religious population that he is holy and righteous because he plays that on TV. Josh Duggar, it has recently been revealed, is a child molester.

I can almost hear the collective gasps from conservative Christians now. A molester! How can you say such a thing? Well, it just so happens that he – brace yourselves now – molested five young girls. For years. And generally speaking, an abuser of this nature who has methodically abused for several years will most-likely have other victims that are afraid or unwilling to come forward, so sadly I must point out that five is the minimum confirmed number of Josh’s victims.

What has compelled me to write another blog on child sexual abuse is the points of justification that I keep seeing repeated in social media and I want to address them. The comments I will show as examples came from a post from Ray Comfort, a Christian evangelist whom I used to admire. Ray recently posted that he was boycotting the TLC channel because they removed the show, 19 Kids and Counting, and said he wouldn’t watch again until they returned the show to the air. I was shocked. This is Ray Comfort, the man who leads people to Christ, who follows God’s word and preaches it unapologetically. Surely he isn’t supporting a child molester; I must have read it wrong. But I didn’t. He left no doubt on Twitter.

Ray Comfort Tweet

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