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My name is Kim and I live in Central Texas. I'm a follower of Christ, the wife of a work-from-home hubby, and mom to six crazy children that I wouldn't trade for the world. I'm an aspiring Indie writer, deep into my very first novel, and always welcome tips and advice.

If ya Snooze ya Looze

If ya Snooze ya Looze

I’ve reached that point in the school year where every morning sounds a little like this:

Me: Hurry up! Get your shoes on!

<rushes to closet to find shoes>

Me: I thought I told you guys to brush your teeth. Hurry up!

<Throws open bathroom drawers. Slams bathroom drawers. Opens medicine cabinet. Slams medicine cabinet. Grabs toothpaste sitting right in front of face.>

Me: It’s 7:30???? The bell rings in ten minutes. You’re going to be late! Again!

<Runs through house. Steps on dog. Flies past kids who are fully dressed and waiting patiently with their backpacks.”

Me: Who took my hairbrush??

<Olivia walks to my bathroom. Grabs hairbrush sitting right in front of my face. Hands me brush. Rolls eyes.>

Me: Let’s go! Let’s go! What are you standing there for?

<Kids look at each other. Roll eyes.>

<Walk to Car. Buckle up.>

<Looks in rearview mirror. Sees look of condemnation in eyes of children.>

Me: Sorry guys. Tomorrow I’ll cut back to three snooze alarms. Promise.






Fight for Greg, Against Jana, and Kim, and Lindsay, and Charlie, and…


Sometimes standing up for what you believe in puts you in the line of the opposer’s fire, depending on how you go about taking your stance. If you are kind and quiet, people tend to disregard what you have to say. If you’re loud and in-your-face, you’ll most likely be labeled crazy, irrational. So we must find some place in the middle, to logically present our opinions in such a way that everyone will hear and respect our point of view. Am I right? Well, that would be awesome if it were possible. But the fact is, no matter what you believe in and how humorous your presentation, someone is going to believe the exact opposite and it’s completely out of your control how they react to you.

Yesterday, Jesse Mahan of Mahan Home and Commercial Services in Round Rock, Texas, along with Jake Brydon of Generations Church and Heritage Construction, posted the following, a complete falsehood regarding myself, my daughter, and my son-in-law, on a political Facebook page, all because I left Jana Duty a comment about her campaign signs being turned backwards in Cedar Park. I’m not sure why Jesse would take so personally the fact that I reported her signs being tampered with. No, really. I have no idea why. It’s not like he was the one who tampered with them.

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Ten Things I Learned While In The NICU


My daughter wrote this blog about her 28 days and counting in the NICU. I literally laughed until I had to take off my mascara with an industrial product because the mixture of it with my tears of laughter were burning my corneas. This is good stuff right here. What a great attitude she has, a new mom, sitting by an isolette day after day rather than in a comfy recliner at home with the remote control in her hands. She is making the best of the situation and Nealon is growing bigger and stronger every day!

Click on the link below to enjoy her latest blog!

Source: Ten Things I Learned While In The NICU

A Blog About Nothing


Today I came across an article by Hugh Howey called, So You Want to be a Full-Time WriterYes, I thought to myself. Of course I do. So I read it.

Hugh has great advice for sticking with your writing, setting goals, making time, simplifying your life, and being better than everyone else. He also suggested that a good tool for success was blogging. I have a blog, I thought to myself. Myself and I, we chat a lot. If you scroll through my mindless ramblings from years gone by on this blog, you’ll probably stumble upon a few that announce the rededication of my blogging…and then days, weeks, and months go by with nothing.

Blogging is hard for me. That little nagging writer in the back of my mind says I’m wasting time and should be polishing my novel instead; there will  be plenty of time later for blogging, when I’m counting the royalties from my movie deal. But then I wonder how other writers manage to crank out several novels a year AND post daily on their blog. The nagging writer tells me I don’t have anything of interest to say outside of a good story anyway. The things that go on in my imagination are much more interesting than my daily grind. I have virtually nothing to say. Three years into a novel and it still isn’t quite ready for beta readers (almost though!), and I have no real words of wisdom to share regarding the craft itself other than to regurgitate the advice of other writers like Hugh Howey. I’m not a scientist who can blog about my latest microorganism discovery, and I’m not even that good with technology and that’s what I get paid to do.

So I sat down at my computer this afternoon and forced my fingers to minimize the window of my current manuscript and open a blank project on Scrivener. I stared at it for several minutes, trying to come up with something fun and interesting to write about. Time passed along with my second cup of coffee and the page was still blank. That’s when it hit me. I will just write a blog about nothing. And so I did.

Oral Arguments Presented on Behalf of Greg Kelley


Today was Greg Kelley’s last chance at back-peddling from his 2014 trial where he was convicted by a unanimous jury of super aggravated sexual assault of a child. His attorney, Keith Hampton, hopes his efforts were good enough to convince a panel of three judges in the 3rd Court of Appeals that not presenting all your facts at the original trial, nor in a sworn affidavit is grounds for a new trial. When questioned why he didn’t include his evidence, Hampton’s answer was that he wasn’t required to, and that if he did provide the evidence to the court they wouldn’t understand it anyway.

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I Left My Child in the Car – Confessions of a Loving Mom


There’s been a lot in the media lately regarding young children being left unattended in hot vehicles, many ending tragically. As always, these stories are are met with an onslaught of individuals who are quick to judge, ridicule, and condemn the parents. I suppose if it’s never happened to you, it’s easy to wonder how someone could possibly forget their child, but to assume that they did it on purpose because they couldn’t “handle” their child anymore, to say that they are undeserving to have children at all, or even wish death on the parents is what I don’t understand. I’ve seen the comments in my newsfeed and on the news sites, and I have to tell you that they are very upsetting to me. I can say that because have forgotten my child was in the car. Surprised? Let me tell you how it happened.

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Mom – Lindsay’s Story

My daughter wrote me a story and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. She’s also written one for her brother and sister. Her talent is undeniable and her words have touched me more than I can describe. Enjoy:

Raphael, an angel of the Lord disguised as a mortal, walked amongst the earth. He knew not the plans the Lord had for him, but ventured on with faith in his heart.

After miles of travel, a light as bright as the sun flashed across the sky. Startled, Raphael blinked, turning his head away from its radiance. Suddenly he felt as if a rope had been tied around him, pulling him in the direction of this lights source.

“I shall go,” Raphael said aloud, obeying the pull from the Holy Spirit.

As he drew closer to the glow, Raphael passed rows and rows of houses. Cars drove down the streets, children gleefully played in yards, and life all around seemed blissfully comfortable. But nothing in this neighborhood caught Raphael’s attention like the beauty of this foreign light which beckoned him. Like a crystal shimmering in the sun’s rays, Raphael followed it until he came to a house, and there was no doubt in his mind that this was where he was supposed to be.

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