If ya Snooze ya Looze

If ya Snooze ya Looze

I’ve reached that point in the school year where every morning sounds a little like this:

Me: Hurry up! Get your shoes on!

<rushes to closet to find shoes>

Me: I thought I told you guys to brush your teeth. Hurry up!

<Throws open bathroom drawers. Slams bathroom drawers. Opens medicine cabinet. Slams medicine cabinet. Grabs toothpaste sitting right in front of face.>

Me: It’s 7:30???? The bell rings in ten minutes. You’re going to be late! Again!

<Runs through house. Steps on dog. Flies past kids who are fully dressed and waiting patiently with their backpacks.”

Me: Who took my hairbrush??

<Olivia walks to my bathroom. Grabs hairbrush sitting right in front of my face. Hands me brush. Rolls eyes.>

Me: Let’s go! Let’s go! What are you standing there for?

<Kids look at each other. Roll eyes.>

<Walk to Car. Buckle up.>

<Looks in rearview mirror. Sees look of condemnation in eyes of children.>

Me: Sorry guys. Tomorrow I’ll cut back to three snooze alarms. Promise.






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