Fight for Greg, Against Jana, and Kim, and Lindsay, and Charlie, and…


Sometimes standing up for what you believe in puts you in the line of the opposer’s fire, depending on how you go about taking your stance. If you are kind and quiet, people tend to disregard what you have to say. If you’re loud and in-your-face, you’ll most likely be labeled crazy, irrational. So we must find some place in the middle, to logically present our opinions in such a way that everyone will hear and respect our point of view. Am I right? Well, that would be awesome if it were possible. But the fact is, no matter what you believe in and how humorous your presentation, someone is going to believe the exact opposite and it’s completely out of your control how they react to you.

Yesterday, Jesse Mahan of Mahan Home and Commercial Services in Round Rock, Texas, along with Jake Brydon of Generations Church and Heritage Construction, posted the following, a complete falsehood regarding myself, my daughter, and my son-in-law, on a political Facebook page, all because I left Jana Duty a comment about her campaign signs being turned backwards in Cedar Park. I’m not sure why Jesse would take so personally the fact that I reported her signs being tampered with. No, really. I have no idea why. It’s not like he was the one who tampered with them.


This is a very serious accusation. In fact, no matter how you look at it, this is a crime. Either my family and I are the criminals, committing acts of “cyber rape” as they call it, or Jesse Mahan is the criminal, committing acts of libel.

Libel: a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

According to Jake Brydon, Jesse Mahan was the person who posted this libel activity on Facebook, however he acknowledges that he has authority to approve and/or remove the post. Via several Facebook message exchanges, I was able to get Jake to confess that he had knowledge of its inaccuracy and get him to remove it “for now”. But he didn’t remove it without first making a threat. He told me that if I posted anything about Greg Kelley supporters, or re-Tweeted anything about Greg Kelley supporters, that he would not only put the post back up, but that he would hire an investigator to dig up dirt on all the child-victim supporters. Here’s a quote from his final message to me,

“I will go ahead and take this down for now on good faith that you won’t continue to feed into this but Kim if it continues I will allow a lot of their private information and yours to be used for their fun as well… A slapping contest is only fun when it’s your turn!”

Notice his use of the term “private information.” He has threatened to expose individual’s private information and that does not sit well with me. We have never posted anything private. We have only posted public information. These are the folks that support a child rapist. These are the folks that drag the child victims through the mud, to gain cult-like status among their brainwashed peers.

I leave you with an email from Cedar Park Police Chief, Sean Mannix, in response to my email regarding the libel post, then I have some twits to retweet before dinner.Mannix Response LargeIn case you can’t enlarge the screen shot, here is the text:


The post does seem to contain the elements of libel which is a civil issue that you may be able to pursue through an attorney. 

I have faith in people and do not believe most folks would believe that trash knowing that accessing a computer without the consent of the owner is governed by both state and federal criminal statutes. If Mr. Brydon or any member of that group had any credible information they would report it to my department, their local department, the Attorney General’s Office, the FBI or any number of law enforcement entities that could have jurisdiction. 

The author either thinks I have tremendous power to keep any of these agencies from investigating a misdemeanor crime or is just full of B.S.

Since nothing has been reported to me or my department as stated I will go with the B.S. option. 

If Mr. Brydon (or another author writing in his style) has any info of a crime they should report it to authorities. I suspect they will not because filing a false police report is a criminal offense. 

I find it ironic that these folks claim to have Christian values since honesty and standing for the weak / children are foundational to those values. Unfortunately they have about 23 more years to shake their fists and invent conspiracy theories. 

I hope your family is well. I was saddened to hear that Lindsey’s baby came premature and I will pray for the good health of her baby. 

Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance and, as always, thanks for your advocacy of child victims. 

Again, this email is subject to public disclosure, so please feel free to share it in any manner you deem fit. 

Take care, 

S. Mannix

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