Ten Things I Learned While In The NICU


My daughter wrote this blog about her 28 days and counting in the NICU. I literally laughed until I had to take off my mascara with an industrial product because the mixture of it with my tears of laughter were burning my corneas. This is good stuff right here. What a great attitude she has, a new mom, sitting by an isolette day after day rather than in a comfy recliner at home with the remote control in her hands. She is making the best of the situation and Nealon is growing bigger and stronger every day!

Click on the link below to enjoy her latest blog!

Source: Ten Things I Learned While In The NICU


About Kim

My name is Kim and I live in Central Texas. I'm a follower of Christ, the wife of a work-from-home hubby, and mom to six crazy children that I wouldn't trade for the world. I'm an aspiring Indie writer, deep into my very first novel, and always welcome tips and advice.

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