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Fight for Greg, Against Jana, and Kim, and Lindsay, and Charlie, and…


Sometimes standing up for what you believe in puts you in the line of the opposer’s fire, depending on how you go about taking your stance. If you are kind and quiet, people tend to disregard what you have to say. If you’re loud and in-your-face, you’ll most likely be labeled crazy, irrational. So we must find some place in the middle, to logically present our opinions in such a way that everyone will hear and respect our point of view. Am I right? Well, that would be awesome if it were possible. But the fact is, no matter what you believe in and how humorous your presentation, someone is going to believe the exact opposite and it’s completely out of your control how they react to you.

Yesterday, Jesse Mahan of Mahan Home and Commercial Services in Round Rock, Texas, along with Jake Brydon of Generations Church and Heritage Construction, posted the following, a complete falsehood regarding myself, my daughter, and my son-in-law, on a political Facebook page, all because I left Jana Duty a comment about her campaign signs being turned backwards in Cedar Park. I’m not sure why Jesse would take so personally the fact that I reported her signs being tampered with. No, really. I have no idea why. It’s not like he was the one who tampered with them.

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Ten Things I Learned While In The NICU


My daughter wrote this blog about her 28 days and counting in the NICU. I literally laughed until I had to take off my mascara with an industrial product because the mixture of it with my tears of laughter were burning my corneas. This is good stuff right here. What a great attitude she has, a new mom, sitting by an isolette day after day rather than in a comfy recliner at home with the remote control in her hands. She is making the best of the situation and Nealon is growing bigger and stronger every day!

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Source: Ten Things I Learned While In The NICU