Monthly Archives: January 2016

A Blog About Nothing


Today I came across an article by Hugh Howey called, So You Want to be a Full-Time WriterYes, I thought to myself. Of course I do. So I read it.

Hugh has great advice for sticking with your writing, setting goals, making time, simplifying your life, and being better than everyone else. He also suggested that a good tool for success was blogging. I have a blog, I thought to myself. Myself and I, we chat a lot. If you scroll through my mindless ramblings from years gone by on this blog, you’ll probably stumble upon a few that announce the rededication of my blogging…and then days, weeks, and months go by with nothing.

Blogging is hard for me. That little nagging writer in the back of my mind says I’m wasting time and should be polishing my novel instead; there will  be plenty of time later for blogging, when I’m counting the royalties from my movie deal. But then I wonder how other writers manage to crank out several novels a year AND post daily on their blog. The nagging writer tells me I don’t have anything of interest to say outside of a good story anyway. The things that go on in my imagination are much more interesting than my daily grind. I have virtually nothing to say. Three years into a novel and it still isn’t quite ready for beta readers (almost though!), and I have no real words of wisdom to share regarding the craft itself other than to regurgitate the advice of other writers like Hugh Howey. I’m not a scientist who can blog about my latest microorganism discovery, and I’m not even that good with technology and that’s what I get paid to do.

So I sat down at my computer this afternoon and forced my fingers to minimize the window of my current manuscript and open a blank project on Scrivener. I stared at it for several minutes, trying to come up with something fun and interesting to write about. Time passed along with my second cup of coffee and the page was still blank. That’s when it hit me. I will just write a blog about nothing. And so I did.