Oral Arguments Presented on Behalf of Greg Kelley


Today was Greg Kelley’s last chance at back-peddling from his 2014 trial where he was convicted by a unanimous jury of super aggravated sexual assault of a child. His attorney, Keith Hampton, hopes his efforts were good enough to convince a panel of three judges in the 3rd Court of Appeals that not presenting all your facts at the original trial, nor in a sworn affidavit is grounds for a new trial. When questioned why he didn’t include his evidence, Hampton’s answer was that he wasn’t required to, and that if he did provide the evidence to the court they wouldn’t understand it anyway.

When pressed, Hampton summarized his evidence as being GPS tracking information obtained through a cellphone SIM card, including date and timestamps from photos, as well as over 50,000 text messages during the 192 days Mr. Kelley was in the residence. Hampton asserts this is concrete evidence supporting innocence, and .00000029% of the Cedar Park/Leander population agree with him despite Mr. Kelley’s post-trial confession that at times he was, “the only one who would interact with them.” Click here for video link.

The State argued Mr. Hampton was clearly attempting to circumvent the Plea Agreement Mr. Kelley signed after his conviction, which stated he would serve 25 years in prison and waive his right to an appeal. They did not rebut Hampton’s puzzle-making SIM card skills, but rather stuck with their main point that Hampton was not utilizing the proper mechanism to present his case and should therefore be denied a new trial.

Meanwhile, thousands of hundreds of about fifty Kelley supporters filled the courtroom. Others, such as Celebrations Church head pastor, Bob Brydon, who dressed in shorts and flip-flops, were denied entrance and waited in the hallway. My daughter heard him whispering repetitively about Michael Morton and the similarities between that case and Greg Kelley’s case, as well as how they were here because Cedar Park Police Chief, Sean Mannix, and the police department are corrupt, and that Jana Duty is not a Christian and thinks she is above the law. But, that is neither here nor there.

At the conclusion of the oral arguments, interviews were conducted just outside the building. I should mention that there were five of us in attendance today, supporting the now six year-old victims of Greg Kelley. We wore teal shirts with the emblem of the nomore.org organization which supports victims of domestic and sexual abuse. We were laughed at, but we expected that. A mob of fifty against a group of five can appear somewhat comical I suppose, especially when you’re wearing a giant donut logo on your shirt. What I didn’t expect was that someone very close to one of the young victims would be verbally baited. Jesse Mahan approached a woman that I will not identify, and asked her name. He proceeded to engage her in emotional conversation that upset her, telling her she was wrong about the boy’s abuser. Jake Brydon was just inside the building, laughing behind the glass door as the woman grew visibly upset. He then came outside and tapped Jesse on the shoulder, smirking at us and quoting some scripture about talking to fools. Then a third man approached, (video coming shortly on Twitter) and stated that his twin four year-olds tell stories “all the time.” I suppose that means all children lie and we should never believe an outcry of sexual assault if it comes from a child.

We were asked by Jesse if we were going to berate him on Twitter. My response was basically, if you are going to continue supporting a child molester and re-victimizing the children, then yes. Twitter is a great platform for bringing irony to light. So Jesse created a fake Twitter account called fake_victim7, which shows his level of maturity, picking on the kids again, and he posted pictures of my license plate, accused the daycare owner’s son of being the rapist, and made a creepy comment about performing illegal activity to obtain proof.

I can’t think of many other times I’d enjoy poking fun at people, but quite honestly someone who blatantly turns their back on a child victim of sexual abuse, calls them liars, and publicly supports and fights to free their rapist is fair game, in my book, for a little Twittercizing.


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  1. I have no problem with you and your followers for supporting the child victims but if there is evidence that exonerates an innocent man then the courts need to hear it. No one is saying that children lie but when they are spoon feed responses and given stem sentences to finish under pressure things can become skewed. There was no physical evidence and the fact that one of the children retracted his statements makes everyone wonder about the possible innocence of a young man. We want proof which was not give by either side at the time of the trial. You called the supports of Greg Kelly as immature for using Twitter as a platform yet you are doing the exact same thing on your blog.

    Instead of throwing every Greg Kelly supporter into the same bandwagon why don’t you widen your mind set and understand that maybe we want to make sure the eyes of justice are fair and true.

    I would hope you as a parent would rally to help your son should he happen to find himself in a similar predicament. There in no black and white to cases like these which is why people are seeking the truth and the fact that you want to deny the truth to those that seek it shows how closed minded you truly are.

    Support the child and rally against child abuse but don’t try to stop evidence that was never presented from being heard if it could cause change! If Greg is ever released he will have many eyes on him that the option for a normal life would be near impossible because people like you will make his life a living hell.

    Not trying to attack you but the reason I support the new evidence is because we as humans deserve to be proven innocent until the day we die. That’s our God given right and our right as an American!

    • Listen, here’s what I’m really tired of. I’m really tired of people saying there was no evidence in this case. Do your own research. Child eyewitness testimony IS evidence and they had far too many details for it to be “spoon fed.” How dare you suggest such a thing. What parent would EVER want their child to go through something like that? Do you think these families have enjoyed this? And what other evidence would you honestly expect to see, and if it exists, why was it not presented during his trial? Do you think Greg set up a video camera and recorded his offense? Do you think months later when the child cried out there would be any DNA evidence? Child molesters are expert liars. There is no possible evidence that you could show me that will ever convince me Greg Kelley did not molest those children. The second child broke down, he couldn’t handle the emotional duress any longer and he shut down, but that does not mean his story was untruthful. Listen to Greg’s own words in recorded interviews. He says he spent time with the kids, getting to know them so they wouldn’t think he was a stranger. It’s all in my previous blogs. He admitted having access to the kids so the “proof” that you think will free him does not exist. His attorney is trying to prove through cell phone and GPS records that Greg was never alone with the boys, but his own testimony in court and in post-trial interviews says he was. Children do not make these stories up and shame on anyone who treats an abused child the way these boys have been treated, having “people like you” not believe them and turn your backs on them. You should do some research on child sexual abuse. Here’s a good place to start: http://boz.religionnews.com/

  2. I completely agree with the previous post. We need to rally for the children but your twitter feed and blog are counter productive. You cast a shadow on child advocacy and shine a light on cyber attacks with your behavior. Is it necessary to bully people? You should really be ashamed of yourself. I would argue that your behavior is more detrimental to the victims than meetings and rallies to bring evidence to light. I am angry that such a good cause is being tarnished by your behavior.

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