The Truth about #FightForGK, GRKFoundation and #JusticeServed Part 1


Several months ago I did something I rarely do, I turned on the news. I prefer to live in my little bubble where the world is sunshine and roses, so typically when my husband turns it on I slip away to my room with a good book. But one particular night I stayed and watched, and learned of a local high school student who’d been charged with sexually assaulting two four year-old boys in my city. It’s heartbreaking, but its not unusual to hear of pedophiles being convicted…another reason I steer away from the news.

But there was something different about this particular story. A group of about 100 or so people, mostly high school students themselves, were gathering at the school of the accused, Greg Kelley. The anger and passion I saw in their faces and heard in their voices was something you’d naturally expect in a child molestation case, however, the anger wasn’t directed at Greg Kelley. The anger was directed at those who “unjustly accused him” — the children. I was shocked, and for a moment it was as if the television had sucked the breath from my lungs. How was it possible that so many could doubt these children, and how could they be so cruel to doubt them so publicly?

From that night on I watched the news and began following the social media sites, silently begging this public charade to end for the sake of these families. But that didn’t happen. Through the trial, the conviction, and the sentencing agreement where the felon, Greg Kelley, willingly agreed to forego any right to appeal, I watched this group grow. They held fundraisers and festivals, all the while vowing to free the man that was proven to be guilty by a jury of twelve of his peers of super aggravated sexual assault. To this date the movement has evolved into what many agree is a cultish-nature and frankly their behavior is quite scary.

Eventually when I could no longer remain silent, I spoke out on the Justice Served (JS) Facebook page led and managed by Doug Douglas (you’ll hear more about JS in a later blog). After I post this blog it’s likely my posts will no longer be available as the Justice Served’s counterpart page, GRKFoundation (GRKF) led by Jake Brydon, has promptly deleted every comment I’ve posted…within minutes…and I am now blocked from posting at all. The leader does not want his followers to see any information contradictory to his. In other words, he does not want their minds muddled with the truth.

There has been lots of false information given by JS and GRKF, but each person who’s attempted to provide accurate information gets deleted and blocked. As I’ve said, they refuse to hear the truth and continue to spread false information. So I approached Chief Mannix of the Cedar Park Police and requested a meeting with someone on his staff who could provide us with the facts that might help put an end to the fight to free a convicted child rapist and allow the families of these sweet little boys to live in peace. Chief Mannix agreed to meet with me personally and even invited Sgt. Dailey, a detective at the time and the one who led the investigation of Kelley.

My daughter, a criminal justice major, and I met with these two men for an hour and a half on Monday, December 15, 2014. I can say with 100 percent certainty that these two are honest, hard-working men that serve our community with passion and compassion. They answered every question I had without batting an eye and I am very grateful to them for what they do for our city, and especially what they’ve done for the families of these little survivors.

What follows in this blog are the facts. Let me say that a little more clearly…ahem…the F A C T S of this case. At times I may throw in my opinion but you can be sure it will be clearly marked as such. Some of the information I will provide you was given to me verbally, and I will be sending Chief Mannix a link to this blog, asking him to correct me if I mis-quote or have misunderstood any of the information I post here.

I believe the most telling and compelling argument against the GRKF and JS movement’s motives to seek real justice will be the actual email documentation between those individuals and Chief Mannix. I will be posting those emails legally and with permission from the Chief of Police. This is public information so to those who are angered by it’s release, please save the word, “slander” for someone else.

Let me give you a little background information first. You should know that the leader of the GRKF is a man by the name of Jake Brydon. Jake has admitted on several occasions to never having known Greg Kelley before his arrest. He heard about the case, felt a little tug at some part of his brain, and decided to step up and be the spokesperson. These are facts: Jake Brydon is a youth pastor, according to what he has said, has recruited mostly high school children for this effort, and is ultimately fighting against a child’s right to have his/her eyewitness testimony allowed as solid evidence in a court of law.

The main argument of this movement has and continues to be the fact that this group does not believe the four year-old child’s outcry should be enough to convict. Oh, they have other issues too, for example even though both children in this case clearly identified Greg and both said they were in Greg’s room (facts I’ve confirmed with Chief Mannix and Sgt. Dailey), they stand firm that it could have been Bobby, or Joe (names made up to protect the real innocent) or one of the other boys in the house not named Greg, even though Greg was the only name the children said, and they believe these other boys not named Greg should have been questioned on the off-chance that they are the real Greg that the boys meant when they said Greg, even though there’s only one real Greg in the house, and both boys knew him very well. Are you following this?


This movement also believes the investigation was flawed because Greg himself (the real Greg, not the other Gregs) was not questioned, and they ignore the facts that are repeatedly provided to them and that’s that Greg Kelley refused to be questioned, which is his legal right. And because the Cedar Park Police Department respected Greg Kelley’s legal right to refuse to be questioned, Jake Brydon, GRKF and JS launched a campaign to have Detective Dailey fired. This will be addressed in a future blog, along with email documentation.

If the page does not go private, you can watch Jake Brydon’s videos and read comments for yourself here. If the page does go private, I’ll consider this blog a success.

In July of 2014, shortly after Kelley’s conviction, Jake Brydon organized a fundraiser festival to raise money for a new defense, despite the fact that Kelley had agreed to waive his right to an appeal as part of a sentencing agreement that he asked for. This fundraiser was to be held in the Generations Church campus, pastored by Jake’s father, Bob Brydon. Upon hearing this festival was going to be held in such a public way, and a convicted child molester was being supported by a local church, members of the community became concerned. Chief Mannix received a few phone calls regarding the inappropriateness of this activity and, as a courtesy, he emailed Pastor Bob Brydon with these concerns. That email follows:

From: Generations Church []
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2014 3:38 PM
Subject: FW: Greg Kelley Case

Pastor Bob-  Please see below.

From: Sean Mannix []
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2014 3:28 PM
To: ''
Subject: Greg Kelley Case

Pastor Brydon,

I hope this email finds you well.  I normally do not reach out to folks 
after a case has been adjudicated, to clarify the facts of the case, because 
the verdict is usually the end of the debate.  I have heard from a few 
members of Generations Church that seemed confused and even angry that the 
church has opened its grounds to an upcoming event for Mr. Kelley and wanted to 
register that as individual members they disagree with the decision and the 
message.  I let them know that I fully support the group's right to protected 
speech and your right to open the grounds for their assembly.

However, as a courtesy, I did want to reach out to give you access to meet 
with me with any questions you may have about the facts associated with the 
case.  There was much more to the trial than the account of the newspaper 
that were not reported on during the trial.  I would like to give you access 
to further information that may help you speak with knowledge of the case 
when approached by members of your congregation.  I just read an article in 
the San Antonio paper in which Jake was quoted as the family spokesperson 
for the Kelley's and I admire his positive energy and spirit, and I do not 
seek to change anybody's mind in their beliefs, while personally believing
that the system did work in this case.

In any case, if you have any questions I would welcome the opportunity to 
visit with you.  If not, maybe our paths will cross on other issues in our community.  
Thanks for all you do and God bless.

Sean M. Mannix
Chief of Police
Cedar Park Police Department

Pastor Brydon, however, took somewhat of a defensive approach in his response, calling the community concerns “backlash” against his church. He admits in his response that he does not have all the facts, and very subtly implies that the case was not properly investigated. He even makes an obvious reference to the Michael Morton case, of which we will hear repeated so many times in the coming weeks we will want to bang our heads against a brick wall.<–opinion Ultimately, Pastor Brydon does not take the advice of the Chief of Police and “respectfully” chooses to hold the event despite the clear message he is sending to the community and the upset that he’s been warned it will cause. I mean it was a “peaceful” assembly, so why should a church supporting a convicted child molester be upsetting?

From: Pastor Bob Brydon []
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2014 8:46 PM
To: Sean Mannix

Hello Chief Mannix,

Thank you for writing and reaching out to me. It's encouraging to hear your
concerns for making sure everything possible gets done to have the whole 
truth be revealed in this case, since so many feel like it wasn't.

I understand the challenge of reconciling all the different views and 
positions related to this case...I've been in ministry leadership for over 
20 years and leading a non-denominational church is very similar, as you know 
from the few members that have contacted you with differing views. My decision 
to let the FFGK group use our church for their event was from the "Good Neighbor"
 | "Good Samaritan" point of view. Good people, fighting for a good cause 
(justice), in a peaceful manner, who asked if they could use our church 
campus to host an outdoor concert and BBQ fundraiser for the Kelley family. 
We have 33 acres and plenty of parking, and I know several of the FFGK 
leaders from our kids growing up together in the Leander community and them 
knowing I'm a pastor of a local church. And I appreciate you affirming that 
in your letter to me. However, I'm surprised at the "backlash" our church 
is getting for allowing them to do that (freedom of speech and assembly).
Our church did not start this campaign, nor has our church taken a position 
for either side since we don't have all the facts. What we have taken a 
position on is "wanting to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth" 
for the sake of both families involved. Since the trial ended, I think there
is now admission from people involved in this case that that did not happen 
to the fullest extent, and it's now Mr. Hampton's job to prove that.

My only wish is that the other powers-at-be (whoever that may be) would have 
admitted that publicly and led the fight of "getting it right" IF it wasn't 
done right/the best way possible the first time. We all make mistakes, 
overlook things, and fall short of doing our best. And I'm thankful that we 
serve a God who gives us "second-chances" to redeem ourselves when we mess 
up. Everybody I've asked this question to answers "YES": If it was you, or 
your son, or your brother who you feel got wrongly convicted because 
evidence was missed or not presented, evidence that could prove their innocence,
wouldn't you want a group of friends and family fighting for you?  In my 
heart, I can't answer "YES" and then turn my back on helping them because of 
the "backlash" I might get for doing so...that's being a "Good Neighbor"! We 
are NOT FOR setting "child-molesters" free, but we are also NOT FOR getting 
it wrong, and then NOT CARING to get it right, and possibly leaving an 
innocent man behind bars for 25 years. That has happened in this county more
than once, and it's "opened that door of possibility" once again in this case.

Our church has reached out and helped this community in different ways over
the past 10 years (including the CP Police Blue Santa Program, the 
Williamson County CASA Program, Hill Country Community Ministries, Breath Of Life 
Maternity Ministry, and various other community outreaches) and we have a 
"good reputation" for loving God and serving people. And we will continue 
being the church God has called us to be regardless of how this issue is 
resolved. I look forward to continuing a good relationship with you and your 
force, and I thank you greatly for putting your lives on the line to protect 
our community.


Pastor Bob Brydon
Generations Church
[Signature Bar]

Chief Mannix responds to Brydon and offers “any additional information that would assist” in his congregation’s inquiries. His offer ultimately was refused and Pastor Brydon, who admitted he did not know the facts, chose instead to continue fighting a fight for a child rapist without the facts. Facts are, after all, just useless bits of trivia, completely irrelevant to guilt or innocence. <–satirical opinion

I currently only have a hard-copy of this email and will paste in original tomorrow when I receive it from Chief Mannix. For now I’ll type off the hard-copy:

From: Sean Mannix
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2014 11:39 PM
To: Pastor Bob Brydon

Pastor Brydon,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. We are absolutely on the same page that the whole truth be revealed in this case and that it is appropriate to let all aspects of the justice system run its course, including the work of Mr. Hampton.

Please do not feel that your members are beating down my door, as I have heard the concerns of two to this point.

Again, if ever you need additional information that would assist in your congregation’s inquiries, I stand ready to assist.

If there is ever anything you need from the CPPD please feel free to contact me directly.

Sean Mannix
Chief of Police
Cedar Park Police Department

The festival was held, money was raised, and a GoFundMe account started on behalf of Greg Kelley as well. Eventually the GoFundMe campaign was removed as it is in clear violation to raise money for convicted sex offenders. Jake Brydon, Pastor Bob Brydon’s son, became more vocal about this case, continuing to publicize his outrage over the conviction based on “the word of a child,” and continuing to re-victimize these poor children and their families.


I’m going to close this blog for tonight and pick up again tomorrow with email exchanges between Chief Mannix and Jake Brydon and Chief Mannix and Bob Brydon. The emails will clearly show Jake’s reactionary behavior. His threats toward the Chief (not violent) are blatant and egotistical. But aside from that, what I find completely baffling throughout this entire thing is that the leaders of this ridiculous movement continually refuse to be informed about the true facts of this case. I’m not leading a movement to free a child rapist and yet me, just a mom in the community, took the time to meet with the Chief of Police and the Detective who conducted the investigation to learn the true facts, and the leaders of a movement where they’ve raised thousands of dollars to pay for legal fees for this same man refuse to do that. What sense does that make?

Are you blindly following this cult without the real facts? Have you heard details regarding the child testimony? Have you seen the fact sheet Chief Mannix submitted to Justice Served (Doug Douglas) which clearly explains EVERY issue this movement has with the case? There are over 4,000 clicks on the GRKF Facebook page, with realistically about 75-100 true active participants. If you are one of them, stop letting this cult shield you from the truth. Seek the truth for yourself and read closely the emails that I will post here. Your leaders are not honest and the man you seek to free from prison sexually abused two little boys in an absolutely horrible way. I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going to share details of the rapes, but you must trust me, it’s despicable.

Go unlike the GRKF page if you are on there. Show these families that you support them. And if you find it in your heart, donate monetarily to these families as well here. I will be making a withdrawal of the funds on Monday so that the families can have the money we’ve collected to-date before Christmas, but we will continue to raise money for them until we meet our goal.

Part 2 of this story can be found here.


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  2. I was under the impression the #fightforGK movement just wanted a fair and balanced trial. Why would anyone fight against that? No one knows for sure what really happened. We just ask that the police at least ask the right questions.

    • Hi Justin. Greg Kelley did receive a fair and balanced trial. At no point during the trial did Greg Kelley or his attorney indicate that the trial was not fair. A jury of 12 individuals found the child witness to be credible and found Greg Kelley to be a liar. Greg put himself in that house with access to the children by his own admission on the stand and in post-trial interviews with news reporters, stating that he and the daycare owner were the only ones they had and that he wanted the kids to consider him a friend. Based on the case presented by both sides, the jury made a unanimous decision that Greg Kelley was guilty on two counts of super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Can you tell me what’s not fair about that? What other questions could the police possibly have asked that would have resulted in a different decision?

      Whatever evidence Greg Kelley supporters claim to have that would prove his innocence should have been presented during the trial, if it exists at all. If you read Part 2 of my blog on this site here: , you’ll get more information about how the jury came to their decision. It’s the same way all child molestation cases are decided, using the testimony of the child as key evidence.

      This organization has continued to re-victimize the two children by keeping this story in the media, calling them liars, stating that their testimony should not be valid evidence, and by vowing to free their rapist. Greg was convicted and asked for a sentencing agreement, which he received and accepted. He had ample time to discuss this agreement with his family and his attorney and made the decision to give up his right to appeal. Why should he be allowed a new trial and should then every felon convicted of child rape deserve a second trial as well?

      • I have heard some credible arguments on both sides. The judge telling the jury that he was going to hold them all night till they came to a verdict happens often and people are weak enough to just want to go home, sad but true… happens everyday. Also the child changing his story (as in the location of the events) seems troubling to me as well.

        Though I have no idea why someone would tell a child to make something like that up and I don’t claim that to be the case. I just wish the trial could be moved to a more open minded court system that was not lead by the media and the police out right saying he was guilty in public before the case. They are supposed to only say Charged or suspect till proven guilty.but they skipped that part. Seems this kid was hung long before the case was tried. I would be so bold as to call it a kangaroo court. Also the police admit to leading the children in their questioning and the police also admit that they didn’t bring in child experts to properly question the kids. Lots of things went wrong here.

        The officer also interviewed the kids with his weapon on him and admitted in the trial to not building a proper rapport with the kids for a legitimate testimony.

        I feel for the family’s but I feel more for someone in jail if there is the slightest chance of innocence, which you can’t in good faith deny as an out sider. I’m remebering the new york 5 and other cases people felt FELT were a slam dunk. Everyone deserves an appeal. why take that away unless your scared you could be wrong. AND of course he took that deal he’s a dumb kid looking at life in jail!! The fact that they offered that to him alone seems like corruption and should be reviewed.

        Honestly after hearing him speak about it I believe he did it. But What i think, or the feeling I get doesn’t matter. The truth does and I fear we have not tried our best to find the truth.

        I signed his petition… two things can happen…
        1- we learn he did it for sure as any court should have to. then we can all let him burn and forget about him.
        2- he is found innocent, we let an innocent man go free after some much deserved reparations… then the real monster who did this can be found and punished!

        Either way. We should know and not speculate. I’m not afraid to be wrong about him being guilty. Why are you?

    • I want to address all of your points, but I’m stuck on the fact that you just said you believe Greg Kelley did it. In other words, you believe he is guilty, therefore the system got it right, so I’m not really sure what the point of a new trial would be. I’m definitely not afraid of being wrong. I’ve been wrong more times than I care to admit in my lifetime. But I, like you, believe that Greg Kelley is guilty. Based on his testimony, the testimony of the witnesses who proved Greg Kelley is a liar, the eyewitness testimony of the children, and the information I received from Chief Mannix and Sgt. Dailey regarding the investigation, I believe the guilty party is behind bars. Like you said though, it doesn’t matter what I believe. The jury believed he was guilty and that’s what counts. It was a fair and just trial and Greg’s attorney had only to prove a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury but couldn’t because there is no doubt. The child was telling the truth so why put the child through another trial? Why put this family through another trial?

      My girls were molested at the ages of 6 and 8 and I have to tell you, forcing them to go through this again would be beyond cruel. I have spoken to both Chief Mannix and Assistant DA Sunday Austin who both mentioned to me about hearing the mother of one of these children speaking out at a victim’s event. I can only imagine from the comments of both these individuals that her speech was heartbreaking, sincere, and very real. These families need to heal from this horrible crime that was committed against their children, not continue to re-live it through this Fight For GK movement and especially not through a second trial.

      I believe most of your specific points in this comment were addressed in my blogs, however I’ll respond to a few of them again here:

      “The judge telling the jury that he was going to hold them all night till they came to a verdict happens often and people are weak enough to just want to go home, sad but true… happens everyday” –
      You are right, it happens every day. This is part of serving on a jury and is made clear during the jury selection process. If any of the jurors had an issue being sequestered until a decision was reached, they had the opportunity to speak up during the selection process and opt out of serving.

      “Also the child changing his story (as in the location of the events) seems troubling to me as well.” –
      The first child very clearly stated that Greg put his penis in his mouth in Greg’s room. The second child relayed a very similar story, however the trauma from the incident was ultimately too much for him and he shut down. Assistant DA Sunday Austin explains how the child cried in her arms because he just couldn’t talk about it anymore here:

      “I just wish the trial could be moved to a more open minded court system that was not lead by the media and the police out right saying he was guilty in public before the case.” –
      This was covered in my blog, but here is the exact quote from the Chief of Police, “I’m glad to live in a country where innocence is presumed until guilt is determined by a court. I will also add I do not believe there is a cabal of 4-year-olds out there making up stories about this gentleman.” He did not say Greg Kelley was guilty, he simply stated that he believed the children. And if anything, the media very unfairly covered this trial in favor of Mr. Kelley because of the very vocal GK movement. If you believe one statement from Chief Mannix swayed a jury vs. the multiple stories aired on behalf of GK, I believe you are sorely mistaken.

      The question about leading questions was addressed in my blog as well as the officer carrying a gun so I’m not going to address that again. I will say, however, that when my children were initially questioned when they were molested, the detective also had a gun on her. It’s part of their standard uniform and not something they take off and leave in their patrol car when they enter a residence. I also don’t believe children at the age of four have a realistic understanding of how powerful a gun really is and I also don’t believe it would intimidate a child in the least into making up false stories.

      I would like to say that, of all of the issues you mentioned here, none of them had any bearing on the jury’s final decision. You have to remember that the jury based their decision on the fact that they believed the child and did not believe Greg Kelley. That’s all it boils down to. The child was able to describe multiple sexual acts that occurred in Greg’s room. What child would know to mention lotion, or to describe the color of it? The jury believed this testimony and, like most cases of child molestation, the child’s testimony is often the only evidence available. They also found Greg Kelley to not be credible. His inability to admit that he lied to the gym owner and several gym members, saying he was a Marine sniper, completely discredited him. Anyone who would lie about that, would lie about molesting a child.

      Lastly, you mention Greg accepting the deal because he’s a dumb kid looking at life in jail. When Greg didn’t get away with his crime as he expected he would (remember he said himself in interviews with reporters that he fully expected to be found innocent and sent home to his family) he asked for the sentencing agreement. It wasn’t just offered to him, he asked for it. He willfully gave up his right to an appeal because he is guilty and could have been sentenced to much longer. It was his choice, but then again this whole ordeal is a result of Greg’s choices.

      I believe a second, third, or even fourth trial is not going to reveal new evidence in this case that would prove Greg Kelley’s innocence, because you can’t prove something unless it’s true. A new trial would only cause further pain and suffering to all families involved, including Greg’s.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs. Most people that speak on behalf of GK are not willing to look at the details of both sides. I respect your opinions, even though they differ from mine, and appreciate your comments.

  3. I hope we are right then. It just bothers me that some doubt and I’m not against hearing those doubts in an appeal is all. Like I said Me thinking he is Guilty means nothing. and i hope if I’m ever accused I would get the chance to fight it on a balanced playing ground.

    I’ll leave you with this..,
    The police chief was sure with the Brooklyn 5 as was every other investigator or police chief that was ever wrong. People have spent decades in jail cause no one would listen.

    I’m willing to listen is all.

  4. They also found Greg Kelley to not be credible. His inability to admit that he lied to the gym owner and several gym members, saying he was a Marine sniper, completely discredited him. Anyone who would lie about that, would lie about molesting a child.

    Logical fallacy, a child molester would obviously lie about molesting children, lying about being a Marine Corp Sniper doesn’t make one a child molester.

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