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But It’s Already Been Done


ImageThe novel, Conscript’s Creed, that I’m writing with my daughter, Lindsay, has been quite an adventure. The idea for it hit us three years ago while we were in a Half-Price Books store waiting to have our books appraised. One of us (okay, I’ll take credit) said, “You know, we should write our own book.” Lindsay laughed but within a matter of minutes we’d come up with this amazing story and we couldn’t wait to go home and write it.

But, we didn’t. Well, we went home, we just didn’t write it. Instead we just talked about writing it…for an entire year. Our original idea was completely different from the one that eventually became known as Conscript’s Creed. I won’t share much about our original story because, who knows, we may still write it one day, but I’ll tell you it involved angels. The reason we ended up not writing it was that other angel books started to pop up left and right. So we shelved it and came up with great idea number two, The Healing Book (now The Healing Book Trilogy).

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When Your Male Character Needs a Hysterectomy


This is my daughter’s blog about our experience as co-writers. Although I vehemently deny having given Joshua ovaries, (on the contrary I think I gave him rather large testicles!) it is a pretty accurate portrayal of our journey so far. Enjoy!