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For Telling a Good Ghost Story?


ImageOlivia was on Club Penguin earlier today and, because of the chat feature, I always make sure to supervise her. Her penguin was sitting around a campfire with several other penguins, and she made the bold statement to her penguin peers, “Do you want to hear a ghost story?” The few that responded said, “Yes.”

She looked at me in shock, as if she wasn’t expecting that answer. “Mom,” she said, “Will you just type what I say, since you type so fast?”

That was her request, anyway. She handed the laptop to me and I waited to type her story, but nothing came out of her mouth. She just sat there with a severe case of penguin chatter’s block. “Come on,” I said. “Tell me a story.” But still she sat in silence. I couldn’t just stand by while all those penguins waited for my daughter to come up with a story, right? I couldn’t let them think she was incapable; I had no choice, really. I had to save her.

I’ll admit I got a little carried away and my story was rather creepy, but it’s a Disney site and they’ve come up with some pretty creepy stories too. Who could blame me, really? I couldn’t look into those little penguin eyes and not deliver a good ghost story.

By the time I finished the story of the disintegrated, dead dog who tried to kill the little boy who had reassembled his bones, and the boy who was forced to destroy the dog skeleton by playing fetch, one-by-one with his bones, until there was eventually nothing left of him, there must have been 20 frightened little penguins who had all run to get their moms, and a message that said, “You have been banned forever” plastered in the middle of the computer screen. I’m not sure if it was my story, or the obvious fact that a lunatic adult was posing as a penguin and terrifying all these innocent penguin children that got us banned, but I knew I was in trouble.

I turned to Olivia and waited for the inevitable tears to start flowing. Instead she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Do you have another email address so I can set up a new account? I’ll tell my own stories next time.” That’s my girl!