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Random Acts of Birthday Kindness


Sunday, October 13th, is my dad’s birthday. He lives in Panama and we’re in Texas, so sending gifts isn’t always easy or affordable. Those who know my dad have undoubtedly experienced his kind generosity in one way or another. My dad has done anything from helping resolve some technical/computer issue, to purchasing items for someone or some organization in need, to volunteering to teach English lessons, visiting the sick in the hospital, and much, much more.

Because it’s difficult to even know what gift to send my dad, much less attempt to get it there, the kids and I thought a great way to honor him on his birthday would be to act like him for a day. We didn’t do anything life-changing, didn’t donate a kidney or save a kitten from a burning building. But I hope that what we did do made a few people’s day a little brighter, and I hope they return the favor to someone else one day. The people we chose today were not needy, at least not in a way that we were aware of. They didn’t look hungry, or sick, or even as if they were poor or homeless. We chose to do something very small for five ordinary people and I tell you, we had an extraordinary time doing it.

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