A Mouse in the House

Tonight my daughter told me there was a bug in our kitchen sink. She lied, it was a tree roach the size of a small mouse. He was lurking in the drain, waiting for me to leave so he could run around on my dishes and sneak inside the loaf of fresh bread. So I did what any fearless mom would do, I screamed, slammed a pot on top of the drain leaving a small enough crack that I could run scalding hot water and wash him down. Then when I was pretty sure he couldn’t have held on through the boiling current I turned on the garbage disposal. I expected to hear crunching and screaming from within the drain, but instead it was rather quiet. Now as I lay in my bed the realization hits me that that little sucker is probably stuck to the bottom of that pot just waiting for me to go to sleep so he can run around on my dishes…

About Kim

My name is Kim and I live in Central Texas. I'm a follower of Christ, the wife of a work-from-home hubby, and mom to six crazy children that I wouldn't trade for the world. I'm an aspiring Indie writer, deep into my very first novel, and always welcome tips and advice.

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