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Finally Started Writing a Novel


About a year ago my daughter and I decided it was high time we each wrote a novel. We both had lots of ideas running around in our heads, and both of us are fairly decent writers. We were inspired by my father who writes daily on his blog Chiriqui Chatter, and he highly encouraged us to begin our own writing.

We each took pen to paper (fingers to keys, actually) and began our own individual books. After a few weeks the “fun” wore off and procrastination set in, in a big way. I gave up before Lindsay (my daughter). She continued on, writing and re-writing her story, then scrapping it and going to an entirely new idea. I read a lot of her work and was really impressed at the way she was able to express her thoughts into, what I thought, was a pretty good story! She inspired me to get back into it, but I still found it difficult to stay motivated.

That’s when she and I had the idea to combine our imaginations and our stories into one. Brilliant, right? At first the story was just a “good” idea. But as we met at the coffee shop and discussed it over a hot mocha, the story began to evolve. It got to the point where she would start a sentence and, having the exact thought at the exact time, I would finish it. It was like our minds were becoming one and the story really began to come together.

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