Hoarder – Disorder Requiring Court Order!


Last night I watched two back-to-back episodes of Hoarders. I’m not sure why I did it. I think maybe because it was the last night that I could lay in bed late at night and watch TV before my husband comes home from his business trip. He doesn’t understand why I’m fascinated by that show and frankly, neither am I! Watching Hoarders is much like driving by the scene of a terrible car accident… you just have to look.

These poor people have obvious mental issues! Each episode features two stories, so all-in-all I was able to peek into the lives of four really messed-up families! I suppose every family has their nuts, and mine is no exception. But how messed up are these people that they allow themselves to sleep in a foot and a half of rabbit droppings, or let 3000 rats nibble on their clothes and pull out their hair for their nests?!  Most of these individuals either live with a family member or live in a family member’s home and they just allow it to go on. I was so disturbed! And to think there are enough people in the world that live this way that they were able to make a recurring series out of it. (The opening credits state there are over 3 million hoarders in the USA.) Any young college student should seriously consider psychology for a profession, according to A&E there will be no shortage of job opportunities any time soon.

It was a restless sleep for me last night. Sharing your bed with cats, rats, and hundreds of dying, pecking chickens makes for one tired individual the next morning. Happily they will be replaced tonight with my hard-working, loving husband!

I suppose my kids should be grateful for Hoarders, though I hope they never watch it. This morning when I walked into my kitchen to find my teenager’s un-rinsed, dried crusty cereal bowl in the sink and then stepped in something sticky by the refrigerator, I simply shrugged my shoulders and thankfully started my day out scrubbing…with not a rat in sight!


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  1. I watch that too and that episode was nasty. I have yet to understand that as well, especially the lady that had the 3 little girls. I don’t get how anyone can put their stuff over family. What is wrong with people?

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