Hope for the Homeless


My family and I are currently involved with a new organization called Austin Angels. We started in October and it has really changed the way we look at our community. In October we volunteered in a girl’s home in Central Austin. This home houses girls from the age of 10 through 19. We put on a Halloween party for them that was a huge success! The girls were all so grateful for the attention they got from their one-on-one volunteer. It was an amazing night full of games, prizes, dancing and laughter!

Currently we are working to collect enough blankets, gloves, socks, and hats to keep between 300 and 400 of Austin’s homeless community warm this winter. My family all went to Walmart together to purchase what we could, but we would love to collect more from you! If you have any of the above-mentioned items that you would like to donate, please let me know and I would be happy to come get them from you. Or better yet, come join us on Sunday, January 30th downtown and hand them out yourself along with a hot meal! What better way can you think of to spend an afternoon…by helping others! Contact me at kfrank2004@gmail.com or see the website http://www.austinangels.net/ for more information.


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