Top 10 Reasons To Cut Back My Hours


Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Stay Full-Time

10. Extra Money

9. Extra Money

8. Extra Money

7. Extra Money

6. Extra Money

5. Extra Money

4. Extra Money

3. Extra Money

2. Extra Money

1. Extra Money

Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Return to Part-Time Hours

10. I’ve worn out the snooze button on my alarm clock. I HATE waking up early!

9.  I’m creeped out being the only person in my dark, dingy portable at 7:00 a.m. As if the mold and mildew weren’t bad enough, now we have dog-size killer frogs! Did I mention I killed one the other day??? I hate frogs!!!!!

8.  The 7 hours I have left once I get home isn’t nearly enough time to get all the daily laundry done.

7.  My kids are in preschool now so my mornings at home would contain a little peace and Q U I E T. Ahhhhh!

6.  Since hubby works from home, we’d have more together time…especially after the kids get dropped off at school!   😉

5.  Before and after preschool my husband could actually make business calls without having, “Daaaaady! Carson just took off his all clothes and colored his penis greeeeeen!” screamed in the background. Don’t laugh, it’s a true story. I would have taken pictures when I got home if I didn’t think I’d get arrested for them!

4.  I MIGHT have time to actually get caught up on my soap opera. I’m only 58 episodes behind. :-\

3.  I could start going to the gym in the mornings again!!

2.  It would be LESS time I have to spend at work.

And the number one reason I should cut back my hours to part-time:

1.  My walls are crying out for mercy!

The Canvas: My bathroom wall. The Paint: My $15 creme eye shadow and matching nail polish!

The Canvas: My bathroom wall. The Paint: My $15 creme eye shadow and matching nail polish!

I think I know what my answer will be…


2 responses »

  1. That’s quite the artwork.

    I have to be honest though…for me, green penises, mascara on the walls, and screaming children are all reasons to work longer hours – not less.

    And watch out for those frogs. They sound nasty.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Donald! But I think there would be less green penises and makeup on the walls if I were home!

    BTW, love your blog…added you to my very lengthy blogroll. 😉 Thanks for leaving a comment!

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