Church, Church! Wherefore art thou?


Here’s my first attempt at a daily blog. I’ve waited until 11:00 at night to write it and I’m tuckered out! I was going to write about mine and Lindsay’s latest business venture but I think I’ll save that for another blog. Instead I’m going to write about how difficult it is to find the perfect church!

Reed and I met in a church singles group. We’ve both been regular church attendees for many years. But since leaving our last church, we are finding it really difficult to find just the right church. Luckily our young children are so well-adjusted that they will walk right into any Sunday School class and enjoy themselves, which makes it easier on us. Would that it were the same story for Reed and me!

We have spent the past year at Gateway in Austin, Texas. It’s an AWESOME church! I have nothing negative to say about it. We love the pastors, we love the messages, and we love the children’s area. The problem (if you want to call it that) is that we miss the whole church family thing. Gateway is HUGE. It’s near impossible to attend a service and see anyone you know. I miss the whole, “Hey, Sally! How is your mom doing?”-conversations before and after the service. I miss the small group discussions and the pot-luck fellowships…I miss my friends.

So, we are going to spend the next month or so and search for Church Perfect. If we cannot even find Church Close, we will certainly head back to Gateway and jump in feet first. Reed and I are both tired of being the Sunday Christian…that just doesn’t work for us. We need to be involved and serve and our children need that example as well. So tomorrow it looks like Rockpointe it is. Next week, who knows?


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