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Bydee Festival


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500 Shoes and Counting


Sunday Lindsay and I went to my friend Annette’s house to help her clean out one of her closets. Annette has a shopping addiction…to say the very least! We spent 4 hours cleaning out just one of her closets and, I kid you not, we ended up taking home 500 pairs of shoes!!! Most of these shoes were never even worn! How very generous of Annette to let us keep the ones she no longer wanted!!

After finishing with the master bedroom closet, we moved to a guest bedroom closet that contained purses. I mean BEAUTIFUL purses!! Annette ended up only keep a few of them and gave the rest to us. Lindsay was thrilled when Annette gave her a beautiful pink Dooney and Bourke bag!! I tell you it was like Christmas for us! When we got home we spread out all the shoes and purses so and Kayley and Lindsay and I all tried them on and put the ones we wanted into a pile. I ended up with 18 pairs!

Kim's Stash

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Tales from the Potty


Do all two year-old boys have Texas-size bladders? Our son is completely potty trained…if you don’t count the fact that he pee’s all over the floor as soon as he’s received his reward for pee’ing in the potty. Thank the Lord for hardwood floors and Clorox wipes! It’s only week two and he IS a boy, so I suppose I should have a little more patience.