McDonald’s Mutts


So I’m finally getting around to kicking off my new blog! I still need to change the picture in the header, but good Lord at least I’m finding time for this! Working full-time has its advantages and disadvantages.

Last weekend I had a girl’s weekend! Four of my high school friends met here in Austin. We had such an awesome time! I can’t remember laughing that hard in forever! We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel downtown; got mani/pedi’s done together, and ate like fiends!

Knowing that I wouldn’t see my kiddos for a few days, I decided to treat them (if you can call it that) to a trip to McDonald’s before the weekend. I, personally, can’t stand McDonald’s and only take my kids there on rare occasion simply for the playscape. However that particular day I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off my son’s fries and before I knew it I had eaten almost all of them! Olivia and Carson were playing on the playscape so I hunted down Olivia and told her that mommy was going to go get in line and buy a drink and some replacement fries. I told her not to go anywhere and that I would be watching the door to make sure she didn’t leave the area. She said OK and I headed to the line.

There were 3 people ahead of me in line so I knew that I was in for a short wait. I turned and kept my eyes on the play area, making sure my children did not try to run off. A few minutes later there was a small commotion in the play area. McDonald’s workers were scurrying in and looking frantically around. About this time a mom came out with her 8 or 9 year-old son. The mom looked quite concerned and was patting her son on the head as if to protect him. I tried to hear what she was saying but she was too far away. I wasn’t the least bit concerned at this point that my children were involved so I just kept my place in line.

The mom moved somewhat closer to where I was standing and was approached by a man and the woman blurted out, “If my son gets bit I will sue this place!” This piqued my curiosity even more! Aside from this woman’s son, I think Olivia was the next oldest child in there and I couldn’t imagine an 8 year-old boy being afraid of a 4 year-old! About this time the manager came out and wiped the sweat off his brown. He had apparently been crawling through the tunnels of the playscape. He looked at the woman like she was crazy, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Nothing, m’am.” The woman looked completely put off and then yelled at him, “I KNOW there is a dog in there!! My son is HIGHLY allergic and if he gets bit you will regret it!!!”

Realization finally hit. Olivia!

My child has perfected the Chihuahua bark. She’s been a Chihuahua for weeks now. To make matters worse, she received a Ty Chihuahua toy in her Happy Meal. She had been barking (apparently quite convincingly) the whole time we’d been there, I’d just blocked it out. Ugh. I immediately ran up to the lady to fill her in. She looked at me like I was insane. She asked me, “Are you SUUUURE that’s your daughter?” I replied, “Positive.”

I found the whole thing quite humorous. In fact I was actually proud of my little puppy! I was struck with how “normal” her behavior seemed to me for a 4 year-old and laughed out loud at how ridiculous the whole thing seemed now. I mean who would bring a puppy into a McDonalds playscape?? The woman, misinterpreting my laughter for embarrassment, said to me, “Oh, it’s OK. Don’t feel bad! My son plays with a hanger.” My laughter stopped and I stood waiting for the punchline. “No, really,” she continued. “He has a special hanger that he takes everywhere!” I walked away in silence. A 4 year-old barking like a dog…normal. An 8 year-old with a special hanger friend…not so much…


About Kim

My name is Kim and I live in Central Texas. I'm a follower of Christ, the wife of a work-from-home hubby, and mom to six crazy children that I wouldn't trade for the world. I'm an aspiring Indie writer, deep into my very first novel, and always welcome tips and advice.

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