Monthly Archives: August 2009

McDonald’s Mutts


So I’m finally getting around to kicking off my new blog! I still need to change the picture in the header, but good Lord at least I’m finding time for this! Working full-time has its advantages and disadvantages.

Last weekend I had a girl’s weekend! Four of my high school friends met here in Austin. We had such an awesome time! I can’t remember laughing that hard in forever! We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel downtown; got mani/pedi’s done together, and ate like fiends!

Knowing that I wouldn’t see my kiddos for a few days, I decided to treat them (if you can call it that) to a trip to McDonald’s before the weekend. I, personally, can’t stand McDonald’s and only take my kids there on rare occasion simply for the playscape. However that particular day I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off my son’s fries and before I knew it I had eaten almost all of them! Olivia and Carson were playing on the playscape so I hunted down Olivia and told her that mommy was going to go get in line and buy a drink and some replacement fries. I told her not to go anywhere and that I would be watching the door to make sure she didn’t leave the area. She said OK and I headed to the line.

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